Cooler Master N600 Mid Tower Case

August 16, 2013 in Cases, Enclosures, Featured, Gaming, PC


The N600: Exterior Continued & Roof

Exterior Continued

Since we have the front bezel off we should mention the front panel fan. Honestly you can see it anyways so why not talk about it.

The front panel fan is 120mm, and is LED capable. If you so desire you can add an additional 120mm fan right above it, or a 140mm fan as there are an extra set of mounting holes that allow for the larger fan. You will need to remove the I/O panel first to screw in the fans. Now you see why they went with screwing in the panel. This to us just reinforces the idea that Cooler Master was attempting to make a quality build, with some actual thought put in, and not just some blah POS to sell to the public. Excuse our potty mouths : )



We mentioned before that the style of the N600 was such that the power button, reset button, etc. was featured on the front of the case. Well let’s take a better look at how they implemented this.

As you can see below from top to bottom you have the Reset Button, Power Button, Audio Input Jacks, four USB Ports (two 2.0, and two 3.0), and the LED button which turns the case LEDs (white btw) on, or off depending on your preference. Only two areas of the case have LED’s. The Power Button, and the included front panel fan. One small thing we want to mention (you’ll get the pun in a few seconds) is that the Cooler Master logo is located towards the bottom of the case. It actually isn’t overly in your face like some other cases who sport company logos on their enclosures. Get it? Small thing? Logo is small?..we’s are soo clever aint’s we?




Usually at this part of the review we’d move onto the side of the case, but to hell with convention. We are gonna to now talk about the top of the case. Anarchy!

As you can see the top showcases a vented mesh covering just like the front panel. The panel can be removed to mount 2 x 120mm fans, or 2 x 140mm fans by popping off the mounts. Since you can put a 2 x 120mm, or 2 x 140mm fans on the top, most water cooling users may ask, “Can you mount a radiator?” Answer: Yes. A 240mm radiator can be mounted on the interior, or the exterior of the case. However a push pull config is pretty much out of the question unless you mount the pull fans on the exterior, or just go with passive cooling on the rad.




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