Cooler Master N600 Mid Tower Case

August 16, 2013 in Cases, Enclosures, Featured, Gaming, PC


The N600: Side & Rear


The N600 case comes in four variations. KKN1, KKN2, KWN1, and KWN2. The KKW1, and KKW2 are the windowed versions of the case with the difference being the KWN2 does not come with a LED fan, LED button, or the built in fan controller while the KWN1 does. The differences between the KKN1, and KKN2 is similar to that of the KWN1, and KWN2 respectively except that both the KKN1, and KKN2 do not come with a windowed side panel. The model we received as a sample is the KWN1. You know you’d think we would of put this little bit of info more towards the beginning of the review but again…ANARCHY!

It’s a bit hard to tell, but the side panel window of our sample is not 100% clear but more of a smoke type which seems to becoming more, and more popular. We aren’t mad at one bit that smoked glass is becoming more of an option with windowed cases. In fact we like it a-lot. Smoked glass just seems much more sleek, and clean than the usual clear windowed appearance in our opinion. Again this is just our opinion.

The window is also large, and positioned in a way, that it will block the view of the hard drive cages, and bay drives. This design really does help make your case look cleaner even when you may have been a little lax with tucking away some cables in your build.



The opposite side of the case contains an area, that again, showcases the vented mesh design. This section can house two additional 120mm, or 140mm fans, your choice. You get the feeling Cooler Master wanted this case to have ample cooling capabilities and thus far – mission accomplished.





Ok now to the rear of the case. Here we see your standard knock out for your motherboard I/O panel, and PSU, built in fan controller (settings low, or high), grommets for water cooling, seven expansion slots, and an optional vertical expansion slot.







The N600: Interior

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