Cooler Master N600 Mid Tower Case

August 16, 2013 in Cases, Enclosures, Featured, Gaming, PC


The N600: Underbelly & More on Interior


Now for the underbelly of the case.

The stands are rubber, and elevate the case a bit so that air can escape from the PSU fan. The bottom is also equipped with a removable dust filter, and an additional fan can be mounted on the bottom. Mounting a radiator is possible, but just not one over 120mm. Attempting to mount a radiator bigger than 120mm would mean removing the bottom hard drive cage, and as we mentioned previously, this isn’t going to happen unless you are willing to put a little bit of modding work in.








More on Interior

Below we have a picture of the back of the case’s motherboard tray which is not removable. This is pretty much to be expected with mid tower cases.

As you can see the tray has a large knock out that allows easy access to get to an aftermarket CPU cooler bracket. The side also has plenty of gaps to make cable management easy to accomplish. CM even took it a step further, and managed some of the case’s cables for you. The grommets are large, and sturdy. This is DEFINITELY a big positive as some of you know it really can get annoying passing cables through grommets only to have the grommets come out, and having to put them back into place. Ohhh that really grinds our gears. (You thought we were kidding when we said we watch waaaay too much Family Guy?)



Here we see another optional area to mount a 120mm fan. An added feature is that the mount can be removed to make room for a 240mm radiator.





Ok so we mentioned before that the N600 can house five 2.5″ HHD’s, but in our previous picture it seems that only four max could be mounted. Psst (looks around to make sure noone can overhear)…come closer. The fifth spot is behind the motherboard tray. Shhhhh. Cooler Master wants it to be a secret. We’re serious CM doesn’t even show the mount in the manual, but mentions it as a secret option. U know what? Screw this. (Yelling) YOU CAN MOUNT A 2.5″ HDD ON THE BACK OF THE MOTHERBOARD TRAY! FAIR WARNING! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH CLEARANCE TO USE AN “L” SHAPED SATA CABLE IF YOU WANT TO MOUNT A SSD DRIVE IN THIS AREA. USE A FLAT HEADED SATA CABLE! YOU’RE WELCOME! WHY CAN’T WE STOP YELLING?!


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