Cooler Master N600 Mid Tower Case

August 16, 2013 in Cases, Enclosures, Featured, Gaming, PC


Build & Conclusion


To end our picture gallery, here are a few shots of the case with our components inside. We decided to see if we could effectively install our Swiftech Malestorm drive bay pump, and reservoir combo, and a LG DVD burner in the front bay area.

The burner snapped in without a hitch with the case’s tool-less lock in mechanism, but our Malestorm wasn’t as accommodating. We couldn’t lock it in place with the clips, so we resorted to screwing it in. It was a little bit of a downer that we couldn’t go totally tool-less with the Malestorm install, but honestly its no biggie.

It’s probably more ideal to go with a water cooling kit like the offerings from Corsair, Swiftech, and of course Cooler Master, but we wanted to show you that you could set up a more custom water cooling configuration with the N600 if you wanted. Think we proved you can.


Here you can see the LED of the front panel. It’s not blinding bright, but it’s not something you’d need to squint your eyes to see either; its subtle. Personally we kinda like having LEDs that come close to burning out our retinas when we go with a LED filled case. As such we would of appreciated the brightness to be a bit more intense, but that is just us. Some people like the ability to see after they turn on their rigs. Pfft.


We went with an Asus Maximus V Gene motherboard, and a Thermaltake Strider 1000w PSU (an oldie but goodie) which is a bit longer then your standard PSU. We chose this PSU to show how much space you would be able to utilize, even with a longer then average PSU. We were quite pleased with what we found – there was plenty of room to work with. Please note that the PSU is modular, but we attached more cables then needed to test clearance. We feel that if you get this much room, having extra cables, imagine how much space you will have if you just use the cables you need. In regards to the motherboard, even though it is a micro ATX form factor, using a standard ATX board is no problem at all. Oh did we mention that the case fits Micro ATX, and ATX motherboards? We didn’t? ANARCHY!

As you can see the cable management is good. TBH our personal cable management could have been better, but honestly, that is not the fault of the case. Considering the side windowed panel will only show most of the back of the case, its a pretty good job. Routing cables behind the motherboard tray was a breeze, and there is enough space allotted so that even with fatter cables, which our PSU has, your side panel won’t suffer from that annoying bending due to the cables pushing up against it.



Continuing on our anarchy theme we have decided to bundle our impressions, and conclusion as one. ANARCHY! Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves : )

The construction of the N600, and it’s quality are extremely good. You can definitely tell Cooler Master put some thought into the design. The vented mesh, and steel theme is a great aesthetic as well as offering good cooling, and dust management. The number of fans you can mount to the case is also extremely good, and will be a loved option of many users who like air cooling the hell out of their rigs. For the water cooling crowd, the case has equal appeal, giving you options on mounting 240mm radiators in different areas within the case. This isn’t a case extreme water cooling users would probably go for, but the N600 isn’t aimed at that crowd so to us its not a negative. Another plus is that the case is actually lighter then many other mid tower cases that we have reviewed which makes it a bit more convenient to move around if the need arises.

A gripe we did have with the case is the puzzling choice to have the lower HDD cage be more of a permanent feature vs. giving it the flexibility potential of the upper cage. With all the thoughtful things we found about the case this one just kinda bugged us a bit, but considering all the positives we found, this gripe really wouldn’t lower our opinion of the N600 significant enough to call it a fail. Another small, honestly very small gripe is the fact that the back case fan is not LED enabled. Being as the model we received would more than likely be considered the flag ship of the series to date, it’s odd that only one LED fan was added. Again this is a small gripe as it in no way diminishes the overall value of the case.

So to sum up the Cooler Master N600 to us is one of the best options to go with currently, if you are in the market for a mid tower case with some very good air, and water cooling options. The fact that it retails for about $80.00 USD makes the case an even more attractive, if not an almost no brain-er, option to go with if you are looking for a good smaller case. We mentioned earlier that Cooler Master has no plans (yet) to come out with a white version of the N series cases, buuuut we are keeping some hope that sometime in the future they will become available given the popularity of white cases, and the fact that a few of their formerly “only comes in black” cases now have white versions (i.e. CM Storm Scout series, Stryker, etc.). Although it is good to point out that this has happened mostly with the cases under their CM Storm logo, but maybe some of CM Storm’s decisions in releasing new color variants to their existing cases will rub off on Cooler Master. You never know.

Latez Gamers!
ANARCHY! (like u didn’t see that coming lol…would someone please give Tremble his meds already?!)

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