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[Review] Cooler Master – CMSTORM HAVOC

August 12, 2013 in Featured, Gaming, PC, Review



  • For this user (Big guy) the Havoc is a better fit than off the shelf Wal-Mart mice (many gaming mice as well) and there is almost a ten percent gain in click speed; though, smaller hands may not (some absolutely do not) see a benefit though and could lose some click speed.
  • The pressure needed for them movement to break on the left and right buttons is very light and the movement to break is between 20 and 30 thousandths of an inch.
  • The mouse wheel is positioned well but the pressure needed for the wheel button to break is a bit excessive.
  • Side buttons are well positioned with what seems to be the perfect movement to break and break pressure.
  • The top buttons located behind the mouse wheel are a little hard to reach while the mouse is in use. The break pressure and movement are adequate preventing accidental function activation.

Tracking is smooth and movement precise at all but the highest tracking levels, at which point speed is the rule of the day and precision holds second place.  To demonstrate some of the functions of the mouse three games were chosen and compiled into a short video. Shown first is Counter Strike Source (military close quarters FPS) with fast tracking and is adjusted to slower on the fly. The second game is Global Agenda (FPS style Sci-Fi MMO) where, again, fast tracking is adjusted to slower tracking on the fly. The third and final game in this compilation is Dungeons & Dragons Online (MMORPG) in which tracking was started out slow and had to be maximized to allow for faster response. Please note that the HAVOC was used on an unprepared wooden surface during the gaming test.


To test absolute precision of this (or any mouse) is more difficult than most would consider. The two biggest factors contributing to actually testing the precision of a device are the surface (texture and reflectiveness) and the human being. The reason that neither is eliminated from the testing is a mouse is not always used on a (the) perfect surface and the size; shape and weight of the mouse have a great impact on how precise the end user will actually be with the mouse.

This test was rather simple. The DPI sensitivity levels were changed to levels commensurate with functional usage (8200 DPI is useful in some situations but generally only practiced users can masterfully control it at that high setting) with 100 being the highest precision setting followed by 1000, 2100 and 5100. Combinations such as these should more accurately represent the functional limits of the device in the hands of average/above average users.

The test was simple. Using paint a box was cut out and then moved back into position.  It may seem laughable but aligning your sights on a target in a game, in time enough not to get fragged, is more forgiving at times.


The DPI (sensitivity) used for each box is lighted as they are changed. The mouse operation proves to be smooth and accuracy is top notch but yeah the music is annoying (I can think of nothing more fitting to the task).

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