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August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are six award levels that a reviewer can choose to give to a product.


Silicon Crusher Awards:

The Top Marks award is just that. The product has been benchmarked and is considered best in class due to raw score (generally compared at HWBot) or it offers more value than any of the current competition in the opinion or the reviewer. This award may be combined with other awards or be used alone.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are given for products that have that little extra value or are above par where usage and performance are concerned. In essence, a product that is of average or slightly above average performance that has many value added features could get a Bronze or even a Silver either of which can be combined with the Top Marks award as well. The situation where this may happen occurs when a product is sold in a box with no additional hardware or software and can not be rated higher than a Silver or Bronze due to cost or lack of features but still sets highest benchmarks scores.


The Par Silicon award

This award denotes a product that is in the middle of the road in price and performance. A solid product that could be better – with better features/software or more value added accessories.


The Crushed Silicon Award

This award speaks for itself. EPIC FAIL!


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