[Review] Tt eSports Cronos Gaming Headset

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The headset comes packaged in a pretty cool looking; slim, rectangular, box. A picture of the Cronos itself is showcased in the middle, highlighted by the Tt eSports logo, and name on the upper area. Right beneath the picture is the Cronos name in a cool white graphic.

Underneath the picture of the Cronos are the words, “Premium Sound For Increased Gaming Awareness”. Completing the front box art are cells showing just a few of the features you will find for the Cronos.

Now just to get this out of the way, the Cronos comes in two colors. Black, and Combat White. The sample we received is Combat White which does explain why the picture of the Cronos on the box is white, not black. Makes sense – no?


The back of the box gives details as to the features of the headset as well as it’s specs which include the cable length, connectivity, frequencies of both the headset, and microphone (20HZ ~ 20 KHZ, and 100HZ ~ 10 KHZ respectively), sensitivities (117 ± 3DB & -54 ± 3DB), driver unit (40mm), Directivity of the mic (omni), etc.


The side of the box shows us the same white graphic, of the Cronos’s name, as well as Tt eSports’s name logo, and Dragon logo. We just couldn’t have the Packaging section be complete without showing you this. If you have been following our reviews you kinda get the sense that we prefer simple yet sleek, non flamboyant box art. This fits the bill perfectly.




The Cronos

Opening up the box you see that the Cronos itself is nestled in a familiar hard plastic shell used by many manufacturers. This design does offer good protection to products so it’s not a negative to us that they went with a solution that has worked for years. Old adage. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


The cables for the Cronos are separately packaged in their own plastic wrapping. Kinda nice to open a box, and not have the wires just spill out like you just cut open C3PO.


Now what product isn’t complete without a multi-lingual warranty. Kinda sucks its not in Klingon. I mean hello! Star Trek fans use headsets too. Ghuy’cha’!(ok sooooo don’t know if we used that right so any speakers of Klingon who wish to blast us please direct any, and all hate posts to Trembledust : ).



Lastly Tt eSports has included a nice black carrying bag for the Cronos with the TtEsport logo smack dab in the middle. Always nice to get swag.


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