[Review] Tt eSports Cronos Gaming Headset

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The Cronos: Headset

Ok, granted the title of this section is a bit weak considering the Cronos is a headset after all, but would you rather have that, or us just name our sections Cronos…Cronos continued…Cronos Continued again…etc.? Although we did like doing that in other reviews, and it was amusing, sometimes you gotta know when to retire a joke…at least for the time being : )

We mentioned before that the review sample we received from Tt eSports is the Combat White version. Looks pretty snazzy with its majority white base color accented with red in various locations. Let’s get a better look at it.


Starting from the tippy top we see that the Tt eSports name and logo, along with its parent company name, Thermaltake, are shown on the top part of the headrest. It’s nicely done – in our opinion. Not too flashy, but at the same time lets you know who made the Cronos. Pretty much our kind of lay out.


Going underneath the headrest you can see the padding. It’s broken up into three separate pads lined with a mesh cloth that is tough, but decently soft enough that it won’t make your ears wish they attached themselves to kinder owners.



Moving onto the side of the Cronos we see that the headrest itself can be adjusted. Always nice to have as not every head is the same. The height can be adjusted accurately with the help of grooves along the railing that keep the headset set on the level you choose. The railing itself is sturdy, can stand up to some decent abuse.



The cans for the Cronos are not huge, but aren’t tiny either. Length, and width is a little more then 1/2 the size of a 12oz can of soda. Thought we might give you a break from actual measurements, and use more of an object comparo. Also soda can, headphone cans. Kinda cool way to let you the size right? Right? (crickets).

The inside of the cans are lined with padding, and show the Tt eSport logo inside in red. The outer shell of the cans again show the logo but in white. Hmm why white, and not red like the inside? Oh wait because the logo is LED capable, and when it is lit up it shines red : ) In fact the section of the mic also is LED enabled. We’ll show you what this looks like a little later on.



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