[Review] Tt eSports Cronos Gaming Headset

November 13, 2013 in Gaming, Peripheral, Review, Uncategorized


The Cronos:Headset Continued

The Cronos also has a swivel option to allow the cans to be moved 180 degrees. Again the hinges of the headset are sturdy, and just in case you need to know Tt eSports has labelled which end should go on which ear. You get the feeling they like being accommodating to new users.





Now lets take a look at the microphone. As you can see the boom is flexible, but don’t go all Mr. Fantastic on them (or for you DC fans Plastic Man, Elongated Man). Their flexible, not super flexible.




And to finish off this section we show you the Cronos in its LED glory. Ok, ignore the green martian lights in the background. Darn aliens know how to ruin a shot.


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