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We tested the Cronos on our rig outfitted with a Creative Titanium X-Fi sound card as well as our smart phones; using them to listen to music, watch movies, and of course play games. The Cronos does not have its own software so we were left to make our tweaks in regards to audio output through our sound card’s application.

Overall we liked the sound the Cronos put out. Whether it be music streamed from Youtube, or downloaded, on a disc, etc. we were happily bopping our heads to songs like “I’m Your Pusher” by Curtis Mayfield, “Fever” by Peggy Lee to more current hits like Chris Brown’s “Love More”, and “Royals” by Lorde. Of course we didn’t just stick to R&B, and oldies. Godsmack-I Stand Alone, Korn -Falling Away From Me, The Score album-Fugees, Darius Rucker, along with classical selections from Haydn to Chopin were listened to. We even threw in some TV show theme songs like “Teen Titans Go!”- Puffy Ami Yumi (English & Japanese version), and Duck Tales. The comfort was also ample. The headset didn’t squeeze our heads like we were in a vice grip. As such we were able to use them for hours without issue.

The sounds were for the most part crisp with the exception of a few tracks from Chopin which seemed to have some distortions. This was more the fault of us picking not so great streaming sources then the problem stemming from the headsets themselves. The sound quality was good when using the headsets on either our rig, or our phones. TBH the sound from our phones was a bit crisper (Galaxy S2 was Tremble’s phone – Yea we know…wtf, right!? Upgrade already!), but the sound we got from our rig was far from terrible. The headsets aren’t the loudest we have tested. They do give some good volume, but compared to some other headsets we have tested like the CM Storm Sirus, and Corsair Vengeance headsets, they aren’t that booming. The one other thing we noticed was that the headsets are not the greatest when it came to bass. Some users prefer to have less bass when it comes to listening to music. However some do like bass heavy music, and for them we would probably tell them to look elsewhere for headset / headphones. The bass is present but some tracks like Rihanna’s “We Found Love” you wanna feel that bass knock you on your butt. The Cronos in that context will just make you lose your balance just a bit.

In the case of movies, again not bad with the Cronos. Clear, and you can definitely hear dialogue well. We didn’t mention this when we discussed the headsets use with music, but the cans do offer decent noise cancelling. The only downside is the bass not smacking you in the face. Its more a stern push. Sometimes you want a smack. Ok that sounded real narcissistic didn’t it?

The sound quality we found when listening to music, and movies was also present when we played games. Clear, and clean. We definitely couldn’t – honestly – complain about not hearing shots whizzing by us in the middle of a gun fight, a shot gun going off when you are about two feet from the source in Battlefield 3, or Splinter Cell Blacklist, or hear the smack of a fist connecting to the jaw of a minion in a game like Champions Online, Marvel Heroes, or Torchlight when playing as a brawler. However if you want to be able to hear footsteps creeping up behind you, the Cronos really isn’t the peripheral to do that. They are good, don’t get us wrong, but if you are getting that serious about gaming, there are a few other headsets we feel are better. However the headsets we would suggest are above the price range of the Cronos so keep that in mind.

Since we are on the topic of games guess this is a pretty good time to seagway into the performance of the mic. Honestly…pretty good. We didn’t get complaints of feedback, or echoes, and our squad mates heard us loud, and clear even when we told them there are snipers picking people off in an area so avoid until its cleared out, but do they listen?! Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Morons. Oh sry we went off somewhere for minute. I mean how hard is it to just freaking not go rambo, and stick with your squad to…oh sry sry…we’re back. The mic is good. : )

There is one thing we didn’t like about the microphone though. It is not detachable. This doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the headset, however it does seem odd that a headset that is said to be able to be used as something on the go would not have the ability to remove the mic. Some may not find this a big deal, but to us it just kinda makes someone look odd when using the headset on the bus, or train. You’d think at any minute they are about to call in an air strike.

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