[Review] Tt eSports Cronos Gaming Headset

November 13, 2013 in Gaming, Peripheral, Review, Uncategorized



The Cronos Gaming Headset by Tt eSports is a good mid level headset that gives you that bling look while providing decent audio capabilities. The design is deceptively sturdy, and provides good comfort, in our minds, to allow for hours of use; whether it be gaming, music listening, or just enjoying a flick. The LED ability of the Cronos just adds to the bling factor we mentioned before, and you’d definitely will turn some heads with this puppy on your lobes. The sound quality is very good for a product in its price range. Clear sound with little to no distortions. However we would of liked for it to have a little more umph in the bass department.

The fact that the microphone is not detachable bothered us a bit as we feel if you are going to have a headset that is able to be used on the go, the mic should be able to come off, or be retractable so it is hidden, just so you don’t look like a telephone operator, or customer service rep on your way to work, school, etc. A telephone operator, or customer service rep with some bad ass looking headsets…yes, but still.

Given the pros, and cons we mentioned for the Cronos along with the fact that the headset can be found at the time of this review for as low as $48.99 USD at SuperBiz, or $59.99 USD at places like TigerDirect , Newegg, or at Tt eSports own website, the Cronos is not a bad option if you want to step up your audio gaming up from entry level headsets. As such we give the Cronos our Silver award.

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