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be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 [Review]

October 5, 2013 in Cooling, CPU, Gaming, Intel, Overclocking, PC, Review, Uncategorized




Is the be quiet!  Shadow Rock 2 quiet? With an average db level of 28.4 (37.7 spike that can not be accounted for) running IBT the answer is:  Yes. The ambient noise level of the testing room was 20.9-24.4 db with the norm being 21.3 db, temperature was a stable ~72º F and the maximum noise level from start to finish was 37.7 db (not caused by the Shadow Rock 2) during an IBT run with idle levels averaging 26.4 db. For reference the results from the recent Dark Rock Pro 2 testing may be used for comparison: http://tekinferno.com/archives/871/5

Sound levels, and their measure, are very subjective. What is agreed upon, is that 0 db is the human hearing threshold and that prolonged exposure to sound pressure levels over 85 db can cause some hearing loss. When considering the db range from 15 – 30 db (where a quiet fan should be) it becomes a matter of the HSF not being louder than other components in the PC. The Shadow Rock 2 does just that; adding nothing noticeable in the way of extra noise to a PC.


The Shadow Rock does an excellent job of cooling and, though not a top of the line cooling unit, it does a respectable job keeping up with comparably priced coolers.

The verdict here is a Gold and it is based on several factors.

  • The cooling capacity is par or slightly above
  • The ability to place the fan on any side
  • The fan design elements that reduce noise
  • The finish on the contact area of the base is the best I have ever seen
  • The price is fair RRP (€) 42.90 (About 59 USD)



Discuss on forum: http://tekinferno.com/TekInfernoforum/index.php?topic=4794.0

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