Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 [Review]

November 10, 2013 in Cases, Cooling, Enclosures, Featured, PC, Review




Our sample came in a large, and we do mean large, beige box showing the Cooler Master, and the HAF Stacker 935 name in black. The box art is simple, and to the point, and we actually like box art that isn’t all over the place. Elaborate box art is cool, but honestly do you care more about the pretty pictures on a box, or that you got the right product? We are in the camp who prefers the latter.


Opening up the box you will see that the 935 comes in two parts. The 915R, and 925 cases. Each part is protected by Styrofoam, and anti static material which aids in preventing scratches to the surfaces of the cases.


We want to point out thought that even with the protection provided we found that some damage had occurred to the case in the form of the back of the side panels being slightly bent. The damage was not significant enough to hamper our testing thankfully. We brought this to Cooler Master’s attention, and they indicated that this more then likely was cause during shipping, and that they are looking into shipping the case in a stronger box to prevent things like this from happening.



While it is unfortunate, things like this do happen from time to time, at least the company is aware of the issue and is trying to take steps to prevent future occurrences from happening. How successful they will is an unknown. Anyways let’s take a look at the first part of the 935 chassis, the 915R.

The 915R

Before we get into the 915R we should mention that Cooler Master is offering a similar case as a standalone unit dubbed the 915F. The difference between the 915F, and the 915R is that the 915F comes with its own Power Button, Audio Jacks, two USB ports, and has a front bottom PSU mount while the 915R has none of these except for the PSU mount being located in the top rear. The 915R will not be offered separate from the 935 while the 915F will be. Both chassis’s however will have the ability to be merged with the 925. Little confused? You won’t be after reading some more. Trust us : ). Okay now on to the 915R.

The case is composed mainly of steel with some plastic presented in a rectangular shape. It’s a long case measuring 228 x 248 x 578mm (8.97 x 9.76 x 22.75 in.). Excuse the dust in the pic. Think Tremble has a thing against using a broom when taking pics, or something smh.


Taking a closer look you can see that the side panel is, for the most part, solid with a mesh design focused on it’s center. This allows for good air flow for the case. Screw mounts are present throughout the panel. Forty in total. Twenty present on each side panel. At first you’d think these mounts would be just for fans, and you would be sort of correct. You can mount different sized fans ranging from 140m to 92mm. However you also have the option of mounting hard drives on the panels if you so like. Nice huh?


The side panel is secured by tool-less fat head screws which remain on the panel when unscrewed. This is a pretty good idea as we ourselves during the course of working on some cases in the past have inadvertently misplaced the case screws, and were left with putting back our side panels a screw short. So for the absent minded this is pretty much a godsend.


Right below the side panel you will see additional screw hole mounts. Four in total. These are used to secure the 915R to the 925.


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