Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 [Review]

November 10, 2013 in Cases, Cooling, Enclosures, Featured, PC, Review


The 915R Continued

Taking a quick look at the top of the case we see the mesh theme continues, but is much more dominant then on the side panels. The top panel can slide right off, and can be used as the top for the 925.


Let’s move on to the back of the case. Here we see that there are knock outs for a PSU, and an I/O Shield. There are also two knock outs for expansion card use protected by ventilated bezels.


Flipping the case over we see that there are five pass throughs (really debating if that is even a proper word here). Four smaller ones, and one large one with a rubber grommet. These are used as optional areas to route cables, and/or water cooling tubes. You will also notice four smaller holes surrounding the larger pass through utilizing a rubber grommet. These holes are in fact screw mounts which allow you to mount a hard drive.

A nice touch implemented by Cooler Master is the HAF name stamped into the base of the case. The name seems inverted looking at it from the underbelly of the case, but when you open her up you’ll see the way the name was meant to be viewed.





The front panel of the 915R continues to showcase the mesh design, and is accented by the Cooler Master logo located in the middle lower quadrant of the panel. Again Tremble seems to be allergic to vacuums, or dust pans smh.



The 915R Continued Again

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