Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 [Review]

November 10, 2013 in Cases, Cooling, Enclosures, Featured, PC, Review


The 915R Continued Again

A single 5.25in drive bay is present for the 915R, and features a tool less mesh bezel design which should be familiar with owners of certain enclosures released by Cooler Master in the past.

The drive is secured by a tool-less lock mechanism which shows quite well where the lock, and unlock positions are.




Removing the front panel reveals a 92mm fan. The fan can be easily removed by unscrewing the four screws surrounding it, and replaced with a fan of your choice, or have no fan at all.


Going more into the interior of the case we find that there is a HDD cage which can fit three 3.25 in drives. The cage, like the drive bay, uses a tool-less mounting method via removable brackets.





A cool feature of the HDD brackets is that they can expand to place the HDD onto them, and then lock back into place securing the drive. Makes mounting drives extremely simple.



Turning our focus back to the cage for a minute, the cage can be removed, by removing a few screws located in the front and belly of the case and the same can be said about the drive bay. It is a simple process that even the most novice of PC builders, we feel, can pull off with no problems.



Here we see the interior of the 915R a bit better with the cage, and drive bay installed. The case alone is pretty spacious as is, and with the removal of the cage, and bay drive it just becomes even more of an open playground sparking ideas of fan, and radiator mounts. These ideas are WELL justified. Let’s show you why.


The 915R can accommodate four 120mm, or two 240mm radiators without removing the hard drive cage. But why stop there? By removing the bay drive, and HDD cage you are able to fit two 360mm radiators. Yes we said two 360 radiators. Thick rads to boot.

We used one of our favorite rads, the Alphacool Naxxxos 360 Monsta, and one of our older Feser 360 rads which is not as thick as the Monsta, and they fit like a glove, or two gloves, pair of gloves? Bah! You get what were are saying.

We easily could of placed another 360 Monsta along side our Naxxxos provided that we either went with a passive cooling option for the radiators, or choose between either a push, or pull configuration when mounting fans onto it. Trying to use both a push, and pull configuration at once is doable; however, in doing so, fitting a second rad would be a bit of a challenge. Now this is in regards to a thick rad like the Monsta 360. With thinner rads this may be possible, but some would argue that a push / pull config is overkill, and we tend to agree with that opinion, but it is your choice. It’s your rig. You configure it anyway you want.

BTW sorry about the rustic look of one of our rads. We couldn’t find a cleaner rad to compare to the Monsta 360, but we really wanted to show the ability of the box to fit two rads with no problem.

The one drawback in regards to mounting radiators to in the 915R, and making it a rad box is that you cannot mount 420m radiators. Actually you could, but it would be more ideal to just stick with 360mm. Some might think this is a negative, but lets be real. If you can mount 2 x 360mm rads into this box, is not being able to mount a single 420mm really that bad?




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