Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 [Review]

November 10, 2013 in Cases, Cooling, Enclosures, Featured, PC, Review


The 925 Continued

Now for the back of the case. As you can see there are many features familiar to experience builders, or people who just have seen the back of a computer case. Let’s quickly go over them.


On the top we see the knockout for the I/O Shield, and three pass throughs for water cooling. Two large, and one smaller one all covered with rubber grommets. You can also see the area where the fan is mounted inside the case which can be replaced by any fan of your choosing.


Below the I/O Shield are eight expansion slots each protected by vented plates. To the right are optional expansion slot, should you need it, also protected by a vented plate. The final feature of the rear is the knock out for the PSU.


Flipping the case over we see that there are two large pass throughs covered with rubber grommets. These, like the large pass through of the 915R, can be used to route cables, or water cooling tubes through should you decide to attach the 915R to the bottom of the 925. A vented area is also present for the PSU with a removable dust filter.





The feet of the case are of an arch design with the railing dipping lower in the middle, and leveling out on each side. This provides much better air flow for the PSU then having the bottom just sit flat on the floor which is the case with some other cases.


The base of the feet are composed of a rubber that allows the case to stay where you want it to stay.


The feet themselves sit on a rail which allows for a unique feature of the case which is they can be removed by sliding them off the rails. The feet can also be attached to the base of the the 915R if you chose to mount the 915R to the bottom of the 925, or use the 915R as a standalone.



Let’s move on to the interior. Actually before we do that some of you were probably wondering what was that brown box shown in the pic of the 925 windowed side panel. We’ll let’s show you.

The box in question is the accessory box. Within the box you’ll find all the screws you will need along with an I/O shield with no knocks out which is used to cover the I/O knockout of the 915R if not in use. A metal plate is also provided to block the PSU knockout of the 915R, or the 925 if you are not using it. There are also SATA cable extensions if you need to run wires that just won’t reach where you want them to.



The 925 Continued Once Again

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