Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 [Review]

November 10, 2013 in Cases, Cooling, Enclosures, Featured, PC, Review


The HAF Stacker 935

We’re sorry we just couldn’t resist : )

By combining the 915R, and the 925, we form the HAF Stacker 935. Okay so the transformation won’t make Robeasts looking for a fight quake in their boots, it still is something that will make you let a out a little “oooo ahhh”.

As we have been mentioning the 915R can be mounted on either the top, or bottom of the 935. When they join it transforms the 925 into a pretty good size full tower case.



The rail system used to join the two cases holds the enclosures together very well even without screwing them in place. However if you do plan on transporting the case it is highly recommended by Cooler Master that you lock the cases in place via the screws.




Here we have the case with a system installed. We opted to use the 915R as a rad box, and the 925 as our main case. Our cable management leaves much to be desired. More so in the front than in the back, but rest assured the space provided by the 935 is very good. Cleaner cable management can be accomplished… MUCH better then we did.

The case was able to accommodate an Evga Classified GTX 780 with plenty of room to spare. The same can be said about our Silverstone ST100 PSU. Plenty of room to fit a longer PSU if you need to.

In regards to water cooling, we went with a Swiftech Maelstrom for our pump, and reservoir solution which we decided to mount in the bay drive of the 915R. This is not the only configuration you can go with as we could have easily mounted the 915R on the bottom, and run our water cooling up through the bottom of the 925 instead of through the top. We also could have mounted the Maelstrom within the drive bay of the 925, mounted the 915R on the bottom and had our PSU coming out of the 915R from the bottom. Of course going with a more traditional water cooling set up (separate reservoir, pump, etc.) can be accomplished as well. You could dedicate the 915R as the housing for the entire set up, or mount the res, and pump in the drive bay. Bottom line there are plenty of different set up options available to you.

Speaking of options, don’t think the 915R can only be used as a rad box. We just decided to use it as one but the 935 as a whole can be set up to be a multi system chassis with your main system in the 925, and a reserve system in the 915R. If you are a hard drive fanatic, the possibility of using the 915R solely for hard drive storage is extremely dooable as well. In all honesty the case is extremely versatile in system set ups.




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