Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 [Review]

November 10, 2013 in Cases, Cooling, Enclosures, Featured, PC, Review


Final Thoughts

The HAF Stacker 935 has some really impressive features we wouldn’t mind seeing in future enclosures.

It’s a well built case that has ample room for modifications – without needing to cut into the case to accomplish them. The versatility (we used that word a-lot we know) of the case in regards to different system configurations is impressive. Midtower with attached Rad Box, dual system set up, server, hard drive hub, two separate systems detached from each other, Ultra case, etc. can all be accomplished with ease.

For water cooling enthusiasts the case is an attention grabber with its ability, out the box, to mount two 360mm radiators for simultaneous use. Add to that that by adding a 915F to the 935 making it into a HAF Stacker 945 case (the true Voltron form of this case) you can utilize four 360mm radiators at once would make any extreme water cooling user go, “Mmmm”.

The Stacker 935 isn’t without its negatives however. During our tests we found that the rubber grommets of the 935 weren’t the sturdiest. We constantly had them slipping off when trying to run anything through them to the point we just removed them altogether. This was more so the case with the grommets found on the bases of the 915R, and 925. The grommets located in the motherboard tray area seemed to want to stay were they were a bit more.

Also, the manual, which we didn’t get with our sample, but was made available on the 15th of October, didn’t show us clearly what screws to use in certain areas of the case. Some were pretty simple to figure out while others we just didn’t have a clue where they went.

Mounting our radiator to the side panels of the 915R was pretty simple, however the manual didn’t indicate which included screws to use for the mounting process. This lead us to rely on trial and error which cause some scratches to the screw mounting hole areas of the panel. We also found that the included screws, that we believed were to be used with mounting a rad, were either too long if you mounted the rad without fans, or were way too short if you wanted to mount the rad with a fan attached. After a while we figured maybe Cooler Master wanted us to use our own screws to mount the rad – which would make sense considering how they seem to have a do what you want theme with the case. That logic didn’t seem to help as we found that the heads of the screws of our Monsta 360 were too small, and passed right through the holes without making any connection to the panel itself. We eventually did mount our rad, and it did stay on pretty well in the 915R, but we felt more direction on how to properly mount the rad could of been expressed within the manual.

Another thing that is more user preference then a negative to us is the fact that some may not like the aesthetics of the case. This was the case (get it? case…the case..we made a funny) with the original HAF. The HAF itself was received very well when it first debuted, but some didn’t like its boxy design and wanted something with a little more bling. Some users just like fancy looking cases, while others are more concerned with what’s inside. Again this really isn’t a big negative to us, but may be one for others.

You may have gotten the sense that we are a bit bias on the water cooling potential of the case in our review, and to be honest we are as we are water cooling enthusiasts. But to say that the HAF Stacker 935 is just for water cooling nuts like us is a big misnomer. Even with the issues we ran into with the rubber grommets, and rad mounting, we feel that this case will appeal to many different kinds of PC builders, and is a very good value with its MSRP of $169.99 USD, with the optional HAF Stacker 915F retailing for under $80.00 USDD. It’s not too often you’ll get a case with this much set up potential for under $200.00 USD starting.

As such we are giving the HAF Stacker 935 our gold award.

Lata gamerz.

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