Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

May 1, 2014 in Featured, Gaming, PC, Peripheral, Review



The Poseidon Z comes in a standard size box you’d find most keyboards are shipped in. The box itself features a nice image of the keyboard with a picture of a lightning bolt splintering off into smaller sections from behind the board. Kinda makes you think it’s a keyboard Thor would use. Although can’t really picture the god of thunder going hard on a WOW PvP match. “Have at thee, Paladin!” You know what? That actually doesn’t sound that bad. Aight moving on.

Other images that occupy the front of the box show us the Tt eSPORTS logo, and a few key features of the Poseidon Z the company wants to let you know upfront. Two of those being that the board is utilizing the company’s own blue mechanical switches, and that these switches are covered under a five year warranty. A world first per Tt eSPORTS.




The back of the box tells you a bit more of the features that await perspective users, like N-Key roll over support, and Anti Ghosting. Something that would make many PC gamer happy to hear.


Opening up the box you’ll see that the board is protected by bubble wrap which covers the entirety of the keyboard, and not just the top.

Along with the Poseidon Z you’ll find a quick start guide, and the warranty provided in multiple languages. Both of which won’t take you an hour to read.

The warranty, quick start guide, and board are all that come when you purchase the keyboard. No key removal tool, adapters, replacement key caps, etc. Tt eSPORTS kept it pretty bare-bones with the Poseidon Z. Is that a bad thing? Keep reading.

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