Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

May 1, 2014 in Featured, Gaming, PC, Peripheral, Review

Final Thoughts

We spent about a month, and a half using the Poseidon Z, and used it in our daily PC usage, review and blog typing, and of course gaming. Our conclusion…it’s a pretty damn good keyboard. Oooo potty mouth @ damn. Crap! We typed it again.

Typing on the Poseidon Z was a pleasure for us. Keystrokes were smooth, and flowed. We almost never accidentally hit a key we didn’t mean to hit (unless Tremble was eating a sandwich while typing…that guy. SMH). The audio tactile feedback is good although some may not like the clicky noise it produces. To be fair this is something that is common to blue switches in general so can’t really fault Tt eSPORTS for it being what it has always been. However the clicky noise can be reduced by adding o-rings to the switches if you so choose.

We also observed that the etching on the keys have yet to fade during our time with the board. Gives us a good indication that this may not occur for some time. We’ll try to chime back in in a few months to let you know if all the key cap markings are still unscathed.

We looked into Tt eSPORTS claim that the actuation of their switches were faster then Cherry MX switches. They actually were. Now like we said earlier Cherry MX blue switches actuate pretty darn (Ha! We we didn’t cuss that time) quick as is. Using the Poseidon Z you do feel the difference. It isn’t the most Earth shattering experience in the world as if everything in the Universe has suddenly become clear to you. More like a real subtle difference that becomes something that you really become accustom to, and miss a bit when going back to using a Cherry MX blue switch board.

In regards to gaming, the board did what it was supposed to, and we were happy with it. Whether it be running to catch a M-COMM in Battlefield 4 while trying to mow down enemy players, to defeating Dr. Doom in Marvel Heroes while dealing with trash mobs, the Poseidon Z was on point. Absolutely no ghosting was observed during out usage, and we were hitting numerous keys simultaneously without issue.

The board’s cable provided us ample wiggle room to adjust ourselves while playing, or typing. Never ran into snagging, or not having enough slack. The opposite is also true. Never ran into a problem of having too much slack with the cable.

The LED’s of the board can get really bright, but not enough to make you think you were starring directly into the sun. On the fly adjusting of the illumination was flawless and the on / off Windows Key worked as it should. Although we didn’t need it cause we are just that good using keyboards. Hee hee. But seriously though we didn’t hit the Windows Key once by accident during our testing. Funny thing is you’ll probably start accidentally hitting the Windows Key like crazy now because we made that statement. : )

Speaking on the board’s construction, it is very durable. We dropped it sooooooo many times on our wood panel floor. It just dusted itself off, and kept on going. So nice to have a board that can survivor our accident prone selves. : )

A few small negatives we had against the board is that the Windows Disable Key did not illuminate. We thought since all the other keys lit up why not that one. Kinda made us feel sorry for the little guy. Also the lack of extras on the board maybe a turn off for some. To be fair Tt eSPORTS seemed to have purposely made the Poseidon Z to be more of a simple out the box peripheral with as little extras as possible. To be fair that is not a bad thing to us in the least. Also the fact that the board only comes with blue LEDs. Would be nice to have some different color options.

In closing the Poseidon Z is a well-constructed keyboard, that is a joy for typing, and does a good job in games. Now the board is not a fancy board like we said. The only real fancy thing about it is the LED option. Other than that it is your basic mechanical keyboard. But again Tt eSPORTS didn’t seem to want to make it a fancy board. We’d recommend the board to people who may be thinking about making that first transition from membrane to mechanical, or for people looking to try a mechanical keyboard with less actuation with tactile, and audible feedback. If you are a diehard fan of switches like blacks, or reds, or you are more of the type that’s gotta have extra accessories included, the Poseidon Z really isn’t for you.

The Poseidon Z retails for $90.00. It’s a pretty good deal considering comparable mechanical keyboards in the market today cost a bit more, and do not always include a number pad, or illumination. Add to the fact that the switches are guaranteed for five years, and the Poseidon Z is a very attractive option. Still thinking, “Yea, but its $90″? Ok. What if I told you, as of today, if you head on over to you can find the Poseidon Z for $69.00 USD, and there is a $10 rebate offer as well making the total $59.99? That “Add to Cart” button looking better, and better now ain’t it? : )

Lata Gamerz!


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