Bitfenix Ronin Mid-Tower ATX Build

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We usually do Intel based set ups, but this time around we decided to go with the red team, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., aka AMD. Why? Well for two reasons. 1) It gives us a chance to take a look at AMD’s newest offerings, and 2) Hey changing things up once in a while to us is always a good thing. Keeps things from getting stale – you know? So that being said, let’s give you a rundown of what components we chose to go with.

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From left to right we have the MSI R9 270 Gaming 2GB video card, AMD 7850k Processor, Bitfenix Spectre Pro 120mm LED fans, Western Digital Black 3TB Hard drive, Corsair H105 all in one water cooling kit, EVGA 750 G2 750w Power Supply, Samsung Pro 250GB SSD drive, MSI A88X G45 Gaming Motherboard, and lastly AMD Radeon Gamer Series 16GB 2133mhhz (4x4GB) Memory kit.

All the hardware listed are products we have had our eye on for some time so why not quench our curiosity for them while at the same time show off how well the Bitfenix Ronin is at housing them. Also the parts just match soooo well together. Gotta coordinate! (Boomerang reference for all you 30+ yr. olds out there).

One question some of you may be asking yourself is why did we go with a R9 270, and a 7850k when the 7850k is an APU, and can be set up on a cross fire config with AMD R7 cards? Well TBH the R9 270 just looked great with the board, and also having a R9 270 vs. a R7 card lets us show you how well the case does with larger video cards. Popping a R7 into the Ronin wouldn’t get that point across as well we felt.

Side note. We wanted to get the Assassins Creed Liberation Special edition A88x motherboard but someone (cough Tremble) took a bit too long on pulling the trigger. Do you know the board was in our cart for like three weeks and he just said…”Eh it will be there when we are ready. No need to rush.” Obviously (Superbiz) thought differently smh. Although the board we did get is pretty sweet, and we ended up getting Liberation on Steam for like $10 so can’t focus too much hate on Tremble. Keyword too much.



The first thing we did was remove the front panel as we planned on using the Spectre Pro fans vs. the stock fans in the build. Getting the front panel off requires a bit of a stern pull as it is locked in place pretty well. Don’t go He-Man on it though. Just a firm pull, and off she goes.

With the front panel off we see that we will need to remove the fan filters which are screwed onto the fan. This is a simple task. Just unscrew the four screws that secure the filter to the fan.


Now we put in the Spectre Pro fan. Basically just reverse the process of removing the stock fan, and you got a brand new fan installed. Tada! Now we felt that just having one fan would not be fair. The poor guy would be sad all by its lonesome. So we added a second Spectre.
To add the second fan with the filter attached you are going to need to use the four included extra-long screws that come with the case. Now you could also use the anti-vibration screws that are included with the Bitfenix Spectre Pro fans. It is a bit of a hassle to get the anti-vibration screws on especially if you want to add the filter to the fan so we took the easy way out, and just went the long screws option.

PS Screws IV

PS Anti Vib II

PS Front Fan III

PS Fans II

One fan left to replace is the rear fan. This time instead of the standard fan screws we went with the anti-vibration screws, since we flaked on using them for the front.

Some users with more of a Spider-man touch may be able to pull this off without the aid of any tools. Unfortunately none of us here were bitten by a radioactive six legged creepy crawly so we called upon the aide of THE AMAZING PLIERS! Well the pliers aren’t that amazing. Regular pliers to be honest, but you get what we did there? Spider-Man? Amazing? Ah come on! That was a good one! You know on second though we can actually see Aunt May face palming to that joke.

So if you are going to use THE AMAZING PLIERS! Sorry. Had to get it out of our system. Where were we? Oh yes. If you are going to use pliers be firm but gentle. That sounds like a cliché, but really you have to be firm in pulling the screws through the fan holes, but gentle enough as to not use too much force. If you don’t then the screws will break. Kind of went through three of them before we actually got the hint ourselves. It also takes a little patience as well, but the end result is pretty nice, and satisfying.

PS Back Fan VI


One quick note: The Spectre Pro’s are PWM fans. What this means is that the fan speed can be controlled via a fan controller. You’ll notice the plugs that are attached to the three pin connectors. There are additional cables that can be attached in place of these plugs to allow for the ability to control the fans. Simply remove the plugs, attach the option fan controller cables, and plug them into your fan controller, or motherboard. If you do not plan on controlling the speed of the fans, do not remove the plugs. DO NOT plug the cord meant to be inputted into a fan controller, or motherboard directly to you PSU. If you do so, you will be met with a smoky, and burning response. If you aren’t into subtle hints, what we are saying is that your PSU will send too much current through the wires resulting in them getting fried. You will notice a second connector on the fan without plugs. THOSE connect to the PSU.

PS Fan Alone II

PS Cable III

PS Ronin Cables 2

Next: Build Continued: Water Cooling Kit & Motherboard

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