Bitfenix Ronin Mid-Tower ATX Build

June 30, 2014 in Cases, Enclosures, Gaming, Guides, Motherboards & Chipsets, PC


Power Supply & Drives

The Power Supply is next to go in. The case can accommodate a pretty decent sized unit so our EVGA 750 G2 should not be a problem, and it wasn’t. We actually recommend mounting a power supply into a case prior to installing the motherboard. Reason being is sometimes you may need to thread cables behind the board, and having it already mounted may cause some difficulties in doing so. And yes the reason we are telling you this now is that we ended up needing to uninstall the board to run cables behind it. Yes even people who build rigs on the regular do noob things from time to time : )

Ok so continuing with the power supply you can see it fits well in its destined home. The Power Supply is fully modular which aids with cable management, but with the Ronin, cable management really isn’t an issue even if the PSU wasn’t modular. And by the off chance you are using a power supply that somehow did make management difficult within the case there is always the stealth cover :)




Since we are on the topic of cable management let’s show you how we routed the cables within the case. As we mentioned earlier the Ronin has plenty of large openings to route cables though, so cable management wasn’t an issue.







We’re almost done. All that is left is to mount our SSD, HHD, and video card. Mounting the SSD, and HDD is a tool-less process. Just take one of the mounting brackets, snap it onto the drive, and slide it into the hard drive cage. With SSD’s however screwing them onto the brackets from the underbelly of said brackets is required


Installing the video card to be honest was extremely easy, and is done in pretty much the same way in various cases. As such we decided to not even show the installation. Instead we give you our completed build. (Triumphant music)


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