Bitfenix Ronin Mid-Tower ATX Build

June 30, 2014 in Cases, Enclosures, Gaming, Guides, Motherboards & Chipsets, PC


Build Complete

All of our components fit right at home in the Ronin. In some cases the side panel may bend due to the cables in the rear not having enough room to let the panel sit flush. This was not the case with the Ronin. Panel slid it without a hitch…literally. The stealth cover just adds a much cleaner look to an already pretty good, if we do say so ourselves, build.

Finished Build Pic II

Finished Build 2

Finished Build 3

Finished Build 5
Finished Build 4

The fans LED’s are bright so they will turn some heads, and could provide you some illumination for those times you are pulling a late night gaming session. However we also suggest you go with lamp, or some other standard form of light while playing at night. Don’t won’t to strain your eyes.



So there you have it. Our first build walk through. The Ronin overall was a good case to work with. We especially liked the cable management it allowed, and the spaciousness for a mid-tower is a major plus. The stealth panel is something many will make use of especially beginning builders, and the overall aesthetics is pleasing.

Now this was a build guide / walk through so we at first didn’t feel like an award was necessary. It’s pretty much just a how to in regards to putting components into a certain case. However we talked amongst ourselves, and say hey why not give it an award. So (drum roll) we are giving the Ronin, in regards to build friendliness, our Solid Product Award.

So did we do a decent job, or fall flat on our faces? Award too high? Too low? Gives us your feedback.

Lataz Gamers!


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