Bitfenix Neos Mid Tower Case Review

September 18, 2014 in Cases, Enclosures, Review



As you can see the Neos comes in a familiar cardboard box packaging with the Bitfenix logo, and the company web address shown prominently on the front.


On the top, another smaller logo as well as the Bitfenix name is visible. You’d be extremely hard press to mistake what case you are getting.


The enclosure is protected with good old reliable Styrofoam. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Right?


To increase the chances of receiving the enclosure without unwanted scratches, the Neos itself is protected by a plastic covering.


The Neos, at the time of this review, came in two variants: Windowed, and non-windowed. The windowed versions came in two color options, while the non-windowed versions had several colors to choose from. The sample we received is part of the non-windowed family so we weren’t expecting to have a view of the inside. Low and behold however, Bitfenix sent us a separate windowed side panel. Yippy!

Initially we were a bit puzzled as to why the non-windowed versions would have more options for colors vs. the windowed version. Thankfully our puzzlement was solved (Get it? Puzzle? Solved? Ha!) as our rep indicated that you are able to purchase a windowed side panel for the non-windowed versions. That makes a bit more sense.


The packaging for the panel itself is similar to the Neos minus the large cardboard box, Styrofoam protection, and it using bubble wrap instead of a plastic cover to protect the door during transport. Ok so maybe the packaging isn’t that similar :)

The panel also comes with its own thumb screws to secure itself to the Neos. Now we don’t know about you, but we have lost a thumb screw, or fifty throughout the course of our rig building lifetimes smh. Thankfully having additional thumbs screws instead of relying on the screws that come with the case itself is a good thing for people like Tremble er I mean us. (We really mean Tremble. The dude would forget where he put a motherboard when it’s already in the case he is building, and he doesn’t do any drugs. Scary huh?).



The panel is made of aluminum with the windowed section being rectangular. The window covers a little more then half of the actual panel. You won’t be able to see inside the entire case, but just enough to see the main parts. This will keep the hard drive cages, and some not so well cable management attempts hidden from sight.


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