Bitfenix Neos Mid Tower Case Review

September 18, 2014 in Cases, Enclosures, Review


Front & Top

As you can see our sample is of the white on white variety. Even though the Neos is a mid-tower in design, we actually mistook it for a micro enclosure at first glance. .After you start to get to know the case that micro ATX impression starts to fade a bit, but never totally leaves you.


At the top of the case we find the Power Button, Reset Button, 3.5mm Audio Jacks, one USB 2.0, and one USB 3.0 port.


The front panel features a mesh design with an optical drive bay that can house 2 x 5.25in bay devices like fan controllers, single, or dual bay reservoirs, DVD burners, etc. Towards the bottom of the case is a Bitfenix badge in black which is held on via 3M adhesive. The adhesive allows for re-usability so you can move the badge to wherever you want, or just remove it all together if you so choose.

In our opinion the contrast of the black badge against the white case is pretty sweet. Currently Bitfenx sells additional badges in black, and silver. We actually started thinking it would be a cool idea if different colors of their badges were made available just to add to the color options of the Neos, or to any other Bitfenix case offerings. Yellow, orange, green, red…etc. You get the point.


The panel itself is plastic, and can be easily removed. Just give it a little tug holding the groove found just below it, and off she comes.

On the opposite side we see that there are dust filters installed behind the optical drive bay covers, and on the areas where the front parts of installed fans would occupy. Quick note regarding the covers. Like the front panel, they are a breeze to remove. Just squeeze the tabs on either sides of the covers, and off they go.






Two 120mm fans can be mounted in the front. Fans for the front however are not included. Curiously though on the windowed versions of the Neos one front fan is included. We had a split opinion on this.

On the one hand some builders like to use their own fans so not having fans included would not be a big deal. Actually it may be more of a plus. On the other hand the lack of included front fans could be a turn off to the target audience of the case which are trying to watch their pennies by trying to reduce any additional spending on things like case fans. The fact that the windowed version comes with at least one front mounted fan does make the case a bit more attractive to budget builders, and is a good incentive to go windowed vs non windowed. The thing we wrestled with a bit is why should the windowed version have a front fan included, and the non-windowed not? To us it seems like the only difference between the two is the windowed side panel. We did not get a chance to look at the windowed version of the Neos so our opinions are just that, opinions. Regardless it does seem like an odd decision.

Moving on you will notice a removable fan grill. Just squeeze the tabs, on its sides, and the grill comes off. Now with the grill off you can mount the fans directly onto it. Once the fans are mounted, just snap the grill right back into its original resting place. It’s a good idea to route the fan cables through the case before placing the grill back onto the case. This design choice was a very nice surprise to us. So often we have to mount front fans directly onto the case which may require us to move say a drive cage out of the way first to secure them. This method we just had to applaud Bitfenix on. Good stuff!




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