Bitfenix Neos Mid Tower Case Review

September 18, 2014 in Cases, Enclosures, Review


Left Side & Interior

Now for the sides of the case. As we mentioned before the windowed side panel allows you to see just the main area of your case. Both the side panels are made of aluminum, and are held in place via thumb screws. Both are also flat in design with no curvature.



Taking a look at the interior of the case, we see that it is all white with a meshed area on the bottom to allow air for the PSU. The optical drive bay sports a tool-less design with each clasp marking the positions for locking, and unlocking.






There are two drive bay cages which hold three SSDs, and three HDDs respectively. The drives are held in place via tool-less racks.



The racks for the HDDs clamp onto the drives by sliding them open a bit, placing the drives in, and sliding the racks onto the drives. A very noob friendly design choice. No offense to noobs :)


The mounting racks for the SSDs however you will need to bend, and place into. We would of liked to have seen the same design for the HDD racks transferred over to the SSD racks, but it’s not a deal breaker in our opinion.



The manual, screws, zip ties, and an extra expansion slot bracket all come included. You may have noticed that we are only showing three motherboard mounts. The case comes with more, but apparently at the time of photographing Tremble misplaced the others. (Told you he is forgetful.)




Here we see that a 120mm fan has been pre-installed. This is the only fan that comes included with the non- windowed version of the case.


The CPU knock out is a pretty good size so no problem getting to that bracket for a CPU cooler from behind the motherboard when it is mounted to the enclosure.


Now here we have taken a picture of the roof of the case. Why do you ask did we do this? The answer is to show that there are no areas to mount any kinds of fans, or are there any perforated areas for ventilation. Your components won’t become a meal cooked in the microwave on high because of this, but this could be a concern of builders really concerned about air flow.


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