Bitfenix Neos Mid Tower Case Review

September 18, 2014 in Cases, Enclosures, Review


Right Side & Cable Management Options

Let’s now go to the other side of the case, or as some like to call it the back. Although it’s not really the back. Eh whatever.

Here we see a better view of how large the knock out is for the back of the motherboard’s CPU area, and get a look at the cable routing options the case provides.


Here you will notice four holes for cables to pass through. Bitfenix took making cable managing a bit easier by making this section concave to allow for more space.




Here we get our first look at the spacing between the side panel and the case itself. We took our measuring tape, and determined that the spacing is about a 1/2 inch. Not a-lot of room TBH.



Lastly we have a larger area focused closer to where the PSU would be mounted allowing the cables to fit through. It isn’t grommet-ted (is that an actual word?) buuut in our experience that’s not always a bad thing. We have reviewed cases where the grommets aren’t always well secured. They end up being more of a pain then a benefit.


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