Bitfenix Neos Mid Tower Case Review

September 18, 2014 in Cases, Enclosures, Review



The Bitfenix Neos Mid Tower case is a pretty decent case. It is a medium form factor chassis that actually has some decent room inside that will accommodate most air cooled, and modest water cooled builds with little issues. The various color options are a nice touch as they allow for personalization which many people are chasing in building their own rigs.

Given its size, the enclosure should not be too much of an intrusion, if any, on many desks. The feet will offer good stability, and the windowed side panel (if you choose to purchase a windowed panel separately) is large enough to let you see what is going on inside without showing to on lookers any lax cable management flubs.

The inability of us to close the right side panel was disturbing, but again our cables are thicker than standard PSU cables so that can be chalked up to just doing some research into what is , and isn’t recommended for a build within the case. Btw that research includes reading reviews like ours. You liked that shameless plug didn’t ya? :). Another point to show that our cable issue is more of a know what you are getting before you buy senerio vs. bad design choice is that this is not the first case we reviewed that had some issues with securing the side panel on to. We had a couple. Not many but you do run into them.

At a price point of $50.00 USD the Neos is not a bad case at all. Its good for those wanting to dip their hands into PC building for the first time, and are on a tight budget.

There was one thing that did concern us. The lack of ventilation on the roof.

We could understand there not being fan mounts, but some type of way to have air escape from the top would have been a good thing. This becomes more of a concern to us given that only one fan is included with the case. It is possible that the addition of included fans in the front may have raised the asking price of the chassis thereby breaking away from the goal of being an option for budget minded customers. However this point is made a bit moot given that the windowed version of the case comes with one fan mounted on the front as well as one in the back, and is only $10.00 more. So for just a bit extra we get a window and an extra fan? Why have the non windowed version as an option at all?

In closing the Neos is a nice starter case for aspiring PC builders that adds a bit of style with its different color options. It is decently price for what you are getting. If you are someone that is into style then we’d recommend the case. However if your concern leans more towards air flow, and a bit more flexibility for water cooling options, we’d steer you towards some other options.

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