Thermaltake TteSPORTS Knucker “Team DK Edition” Gaming Keyboard

September 7, 2014 in Gaming, PC, Peripheral, Review



2014-07-30 15.26.15 Resized

At first glance, the Knucker looks like a fancier version of your basic 102-key keyboard. Nice red accents on the sides.

2014-07-30 14.44.02 Resized

The USB cable is non-modular, and has a very nice white braided sleeve along with a Velcro strap bearing the Thermaltake “Tt” logo. The strap can be a big help when it comes to cable management keeping lengths under control or binding cables (Mouse, KB, USB Hub…).

2014-07-30 15.27.19 Resized

The back of the keyboard has nine of these little slits scattered around. I’m assuming they’re for some subtle airflow, but I may be wrong.

2014-07-30 14.45.12 Resized

The keyboard has “Team DK” etched onto the spacebar, as well as a Team DK Emblem at the top right corner of the keyboard.

2014-07-30 14.48.33 Resized

On the bottom of the keyboard you’ll find a backlit red LED Dragon, the logo Thermaltake uses for its eSports line of peripherals.

2014-07-30 15.26.51 Resized

Sturdy looking keyboard stands. They don’t look like they’ll break anytime soon.


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