Thermaltake TteSPORTS Knucker “Team DK Edition” Gaming Keyboard

September 7, 2014 in Gaming, PC, Peripheral, Review


The Knucker Keyboard provides a very good gaming experience especially if you play MOBA based games. We tested the keyboard with Battlefield 4, Marvel Heroes and Dota 2. In Battlefield 4, there was a mad dash to run away from a tank in game and we were able to move diagonally, sprint and then jump over an obstacle flawlessly while holding down all of the respective keys. In Marvel Heroes, we pulled out all the stops against the Brotherhood of Mutants in Midtown Manhattan. No problems whatsoever activating all of our skills. The repeat rate definitely helped on spamming skills while waiting on cool downs. We had to try our hands at Dota 2 since that’s Team DK’s whole M.O. We definitely need to reach out to those guys for some tips, but the keyboard was able to handle our frustrations and beatings as we kept getting owned. So to conclude:

The Good: Plunger Keys are quiet and soft to the touch. Repeat rate is awesome for spamming skills. Function key replaces the Start Button so you don’t get alt-tabbed out of game. The Bad: No media buttons to control your music or audio. No key Illumination. Short right shift. As of this writing, the Knucker keyboard retails for $39.99 USD for both the regular, and Team DK Variants. If you’re gaming on a Desktop PC, this is a solid buy provided that you’re using it in the motherboards PS/2 port. If you’re gaming on a Laptop, we wouldn’t recommend it since you’ll lose the repeat rate functionality. Based on the Pros and Cons, the Thermaltake Knucker gets the Silver Silicon Crusher Award. See you guys around! Crusher Silver

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