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be quiet! ShadowRock Topflow review

March 27, 2013 in Cooling, CPU, Intel, Overclocking, PC, Review



Half the noise and a few extra degrees? Seems like a win. The design elements seem to come together perfectly on what – at first glance – appears to be a heat sink that would be lacking in many ways. It appears to lack surface area; it is not lacking. It appears to not have enough heat pipes; the numbers do not agree with this assumption. It only has one fan and can not keep up with dual fan coolers; it stayed within a few degrees at half the noise level…

All in all be quiet! has engineered a very good product. The design elements are such that there are no real deficiencies – that is to say – near maximum optimization of controllable factors.



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Packaging, contents and specifications
A closer look at design

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