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[Review] Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler

March 19, 2013 in Cooling, Overclocking, PC

Installation in Pictures

Installation is fairly straight forward as long as the directions are followed. The lack of exposed heat pipes make the PH-TC12DX easier to install as the pipe orientation is irrelevant as it pertains to core contact. This allows the purchaser to get the best out of this unit in respect to core contact and air flow.

In preparation for the installation the motherboard must be removed. This is a nuisance in the least and a real pain at most. To alleviate the necessity of removing the motherboard in the future a minor case modification can be made allowing installation and removal of HSFs in little to no time.






mini-100_3740mini-100_3742 Before getting the HSF gummed up with TIM make sure the cross bar is on correctly. It is clear in the instructions but generally one (like me) should read them.


Unlike many modern HSFs, the PH-TC12DX allows space for memory modules that are standard height instead of just low profile. Installation of memory modules with tall heat spreaders (usually 1866 and faster) will not be possible. This is not a hindrance to most users as there is a statistically minor to non-existent real world advantage with memory clocked faster than 1600Mhz – unless one is just benchmarking.

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