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[Review] Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler

March 19, 2013 in Cooling, Overclocking, PC


Here the rubber meets the road. What can the Phantek PH-TC12DX offer over other brands of CPU coolers? Well that is completely subjective and the number of variables involved in competently and competitively testing a batch of coolers  is overwhelming. Even with the huge databases out there it is still rather subjective. Here the PH-TC12DX will be compared to a stock Intel HSF only and the results will be be presented in a comparative format and using an Excel spreadsheet.

Stressing: External temperatures and the temperature of the HSF were taken using a Tenma 72-7712 dual channel temp probe while core temperatures were monitored using Core Temp and OCCT. To stress test the CPU, IBT and OCCT linpack were used. The highest temperature reached by either is recorded and compared to the same on each test sequence. The IBT results were a little hotter and are represented in the test results.

The first test was conducted on an i5 3570K clocked at 3.8Ghz, turbo ratio set to 40, using the stock Intel HSF with an ambient temperature of 21.6º C.Stock HSF chart Stock HSF Data

After the initial testing was conducted, the same test with the same settings using the PH-TC12DX – again with an ambient temperature of 21.6º C – were run.PH Stock chart PH Stock Data

Finally The CPU was clocked to 4.6Ghz with a turbo ratio of 48 and the ambient temperature lowered to 16.8º C (about 60º F – which is reasonable for the gamer/overclocker who wants to make the most out of air cooling)

ext tempext temp 2 The results are pretty good here and though we were running cool for the higher OC the results are still good, leaving 24º C (43.2º F) overhead.PH OC chart PH OC DataThe spreadsheets contain data that appears meaningless to some and meaningful to others. The major details are not relevant to this review; but in essence, ratios and multipliers are created by working with the ambient, idle and max temperatures and applied to several… let’s just keep it simple, a bit of testing and work. The data is not based on 100 (no upper limit) and it will not work with extreme cooling (yet).

What this equates to in gaming is3DM11 PH 4.6 4.8decent overclocks without high heat and for general usage the PH-TC12DX is greatPH 4.6-4.8 PC mark

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