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[Review] Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler

March 19, 2013 in Cooling, Overclocking, PC


The data is here for comparison. The information is presented openly and the conclusions need to be your own. There is no need to bicker over a degree here or there; it is about the HSF suiting the buyer in both aesthetics (Color and design) and function. Clock for clock you gain 16-25º C over the stock CPU cooler supplied with the i5 3570K which means 800+ megahertz more and still lower CPU temperatures. Design is such that it should allow more time between cleanings, the noise is less than that of a mid/upper level video card. The technology in the coatings is such that this HSF should easily outlast the life of a computer system and the five year warranty backs that up.

Can it be dinged for anything? Yes! The plating on the HSF base. It really causes no major issues but the thermal conductivity of a clean copper base is better and the white fans and wires may be a turn off for some as well.

The performance is really hard to beat as there is only so much refinement that can be made where performance is concerned. Is it the best? No. The best is subjective and there are too many variables out there to be considered. What can be said is that, “The performance of the PH-TC12DX is commensurate to that of comparably priced units of similar design.”

Crusher Silver

Available at NewEgg for $59.99 and other retailers for $59.99 and up.

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