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Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 [Review]

November 10, 2013 in Cases, Cooling, Enclosures, Featured, PC, Review


We previously posted this review on, but due to time restraints the review was not shown to be as complete as we wanted it to be. As such the below review is more along the lines of the version we wanted to present to you. So without further adieu here is our review of HAF Stacker 935…Take Two. Annnnd action!

Today we bring to you a review of an upcoming case by Cooler Master, dubbed the HAF Stacker 935. The Stacker 935 is being totted as a revolutionary case that allows for unprecedented modding, and could be a contender to change the landscape of modern PC enclosures as we know it. Let’s see how true this is.

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Cooler Master N600 Mid Tower Case

August 16, 2013 in Cases, Enclosures, Featured, Gaming, PC


Cooler Master is a name that many who are into PC building know very well. The company is probably best known for their enclosures which have received great accolades over the years. The Cosmos series, the Haf,  the Trooper, and Stryker under their CM Storm logo, are just a few of the cases in Cooler Master’s lineup that many users, and critics have given praise to.

Today we are bringing to you a review of one of Cooler Master’s latest case offerings, the N600.

The N600 is part of a new series Cooler Master has created – dubbed the “N” series. The family to date has three members; The N200 being the baby bro, the N400 representing the Jan Brady of the bunch (get the joke? Ha!), and the N600 as big brother ALL-MI-TEE! (a little School Daze reference for our movie buff readers).

These cases are mid tower offerings which seem to follow the growing trend in the PC chassis industry that smaller may in fact be better. Cooler Master isn’t alone in this endeavor as other manufactures have hopped on the “lets go small” bandwagon. Is this a wagon train who’s collective wheels will make it through the harsh desert into the land of all time great ideas? Honestly we can’t say for sure, but for now we aren’t minding the ride.

Let’s what the N600 brings to this new way of thinking caravan.

But first. Ladies, and Gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty. (yea we watch waaaaay too much Family Guy)

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[Review] Cooler Master – CMSTORM HAVOC

August 12, 2013 in Featured, Gaming, PC, Review



Before beginning, we would like to thank Cooler Master for the review sample provided and all the hard work they put into their products.

A mouse is seen by many as one of the least important components in a computer system. It simply needs to point and function every time it is clicked in the mind of the average user but sadly there is much more to it than they ever considers. Beyond the basic functions of pointing and clicking – there are the matters of precision, accessible functionality, comfort and aesthetics (pretty colors and exclusive design elements). It is these few aspects that create a separation (distinction between the mundane and the exceptional) and the $12.97 Wal-Mart will not make the grade.

From Cooler Master:

Owning the PC trenches for almost two decades, Cooler Master’s veterans present their scars from battles past as claims of triumph over the competition. United with a new generation of eSports athletes and engineers, now marching under the flag of CM Storm, the time has come to reveal truly ground-breaking, military grade hardware for the gaming revolution.

Through long-standing research programs, CM Storm is co-developed with the world’s most prolific enthusiasts and eSports prodigies. Thanks to intensive testing and continuous feedback, the CM Storm division has been able to encompass and improve upon gamers’ needs and their tough to handle scenarios.

By working directly with the gaming community we have injected our Storm Tactics into each and every product we make. Storm Tactics, with a heavily dedicated focus on Strength, Security and Control, will keep your most vital gear fortified and well tuned at all times.

2008 marks a new era for Cooler Master, as its fierce Storm Gear stands ready at bay to mobilize and back up your gaming skills.

CM Storm – Arming the Gaming Revolution

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