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Thermaltake TteSPORTS Knucker “Team DK Edition” Gaming Keyboard

September 7, 2014 in Gaming, Peripheral, Review

New Lo TT


Hey guys, Hayabusa here. I’m the new admin on the block that has been hiding in the shadows these past few months, hence the name.

Ryu Hayabusa

Or I could be the admin that’s been riding around the block looking super cool.

Suzuki_Hayabusa bike

Feel free to choose the reference you’re most comfortable with. Without further ado, here’s a review on the Thermaltake Knucker Gaming Keyboard


2014-07-28 14 Resized

The regular keyboard comes in a black, and red color scheme while the Team DK Variant uses a red, and white scheme. As you can tell, we’re reviewing the Team DK edition.

2014-07-30 14.33.07 Resized

Here’s the back of the box, explaining the highlights of Team DK and also the displaying some of the features.

2014-07-28 14.30.44 Resized

Included in the box you’ll get the keyboard, a USB to PS/2 adapter, a quick install guide, a few Thermaltake Dragon stickers, the warranty policy and key remover along with a few spare keys.

2014-07-30 16.07.52 Resized

Here’s a better look at the Quick Start Guide, Warranty Policy and the included stickers.


The Key Remover and the Spare keys come in a nice suede pouch.


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